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Our workshops are designed to give you more information on specific aspects of choosing and/or using slings. We vary the topics, and you can choose one that suits your needs at the time, and then come back to find out more about other aspects of sling use at another time when you are ready for more information.

They last for just over an hour, and are run by a fully trained sling consultant who will guide you through the topic, answering any questions and giving you opportunities to try out slings with either one of our demonstration dolls or your own child.

Workshop places cost £10.00 which is refundable on any spend over £50.00 in store within a month of the workshop. Workshop Vouchers are also available to buy, and the recipient will also receive £10.00 off in the same way.


Free Workshop Places

Customers buying a Buckle Carrier or Stretchy Wrap in store are all given a FREE place at either a Back Carrying Workshop (Buckle Carrier) or a Newborn Workshop (Stretchy Wraps). This means that you can come back to learn more at time that suits you  to learn more, as the shop environment can sometimes be too busy for in depth support and demonstrations. We feel this is especially important for back carrying as your child may not be old enough for back carrying when you first buy your carrier, and even if he/she is old enough, we believe it is beneficial for you to get to know the sling by using it on your front before you start to back carry.

These free Workshop vouchers can only be used once and are not transferable to another couple (i.e. only for the parent/carers who made the purchase). To book on, select your date and e-mail us ( or book in store.

These vouchers do not come with a £10.00 voucher to be used in store. 

Slings for Newborns
Stretchy wraps are ideal for newborns through to around 5/6 months, and sometimes
beyond. This workshop will talk you through the recommended positioning for young babies in all slings and will then focus on stretchy wraps and how they work. You will be able to try with your own baby or a demo doll and then decide which type of stretchy wrap will suit you best, or practice with your own wrap to help you build your confidence.
 · Discuss key safety issues
. Help you to understand the benefits of a stretchy wrap and how it should mimic in-arms carrying.
· Show you basic ways of tying so that you are able to carry your baby safely and confidently.
· Practical support and hands-on help to try it for yourself
Back Carrying with Buckle Carriers Workshop
This is a workshop for people with older babies, who are looking to learn how to move on from carrying on their front, to carrying them on their backs. People usually start to think about back carrying from about 7/8 months but may not start until much later.
Please do bring along your own sling if you have one, but if not, there will be different ones for you to try, as well as weighted demonstration dolls.
Anyone who buys a buckle carrier from Slingtastic in store will automatically receive a FREE voucher for a back carrying workshop so you can attend once you have got comfortable and familiar with carrying on your front.
Ring Slings    
Look at how ring slings are used for children at different ages, and explain how to get the most out of these fantastically useful slings. Hints and tips on making your ring sling
comfortable and safe will help you to really feel confident using them.
Trouble Shooting Drop In
We have put aside some time when you can come in with your own sling or carrier and ask for hints or tips. This is a FREE drop in, but if you are thinking of coming, it is helpful for us to have an idea of numbers, and if you can let us know in advance what sling you have, and if you have any particular issues that we can prepare for.
Other Topics we may introduce include:
Mei Dais
Understand how Mei Dais can be adapted for babies and toddlers and making the most of these versatile carriers for different situations
Woven Wraps
Learn some basic techniques and go away fully confident in at least one style of wrapping with the skills to start looking at others when you are ready
General Introduction to Babywearing
Want to get your head round all the different possibilities and how they work? This
workshop will run through the main types of slings and carriers, highlighting differences and similarities, pros and cons.
Cancellations Policy
We understand that life does not always go to plan, especially where babies and small children are concerned. We ask people to book on at least 24hrs beforehand so that we can finalise the payments we need to make our end.
If you cancel at least 24 hours before the workshop is due to start, we will be able to refund the full booking fee paid. Cancellations need to be made via e-mail to, in store during opening hours, or by telephone to 07825 442110.
If you cancel within 24 hours of the beginning of the workshop we will offer you a place on the next available workshop. If this is not suitable for you, we will refund you 50% of the booking fee.

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