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We are very lucky to have found a local supplier of these fabulous Mexican Rebozos. These are traditional handwoven multi-functional shawls. These ones are 100% cotton, synthetically dyed, in lovely colours.

One of the beautiful features of a rebozo is the handwoven fringes - as you can see these are intricately woven but are surprisingly strong. Rebozos from different Mesoamerican regions have different colours, weaves and patterns. These rebozos have been imported by Emily Millar, from Oaxaca town's oldest market, Mercado Benito Juarez. They were handwoven in San Baltazar, approximately 90 minutes east of the town.

They are approximately 200cm long including the fringes (175cm solid weave, 250cm fringe ), and 590mm-600mm wide - as they are handwoven there is some variance in exact measurements. (the solid

Please note that these rebozos have NOT been tested for babywearing purposes.

The colours are most accurately represented in the pictures where the different colours are stacked together.



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