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Neobulle  Woven Wrap - SALE


Neobulle Woven Wrap - SALE

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These beautiful wraps are designed and made in France and are woven especially for the comfort of you and your baby. The fabric has a double-cross twill weave to give the fabric a uniform stretch - just enough to give the right amount of support for you both. We currently have 2 sizes available at Slingtastic - a 5.2m (Size 7) and a 4.6m (Size 6) which are easily long enough for most people to do all the most popular wrap positions on the front and back.

 Further details:
~ Suitable from 3.5 - 15kg
~ All dyes are non-toxic, pollutant and heavy metal free.
~ Dyed threads are 100% cotton and meet the <<Oko Tex 100>> label standard
~Wash in warm water (86 - 104 degrees Fahrenheit)
Can be very occasionally tumble dried


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