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Mystery Bundles - Clothing



Organic Clothing Bundles

We have lots of lovely Mystery Bundles available for online customers  this week only. Just choose for the size of your child, and we will put together a bundle of lovely organic clothing which will be mostly from Frugi but may include something from either Kite or  Picalilly too. The pictures here are a TINY selection of what we have in store.

Every mystery bundle will include at least one item from the Spring/Summer 18 Frugi Collection.

Choose your gender and size and we will do the rest!

£50 Bundle - will include at least £70 worth of clothing and a small toy

£35 Bundle - will include at least £48 worth of clothing and a small toy

 Mystery Toy and Accessories Bundle

We have lots and lots of lovely toys for 0-5yr olds in the shop. If you order a Mystery Clothes bundle, you can add a Mystery Toy bundle onto your order – these cost £10.00 but contain a minimum of £20.00 worth of toys/accessories .  Contents will range from wooden toys, through to picture books, silk daisy kits, comforters, soft toys and books. Click here to add one to your order 

As it is a bit far from Christmas - we won't be including any Christmas items in any of our clothes or toy bundles unless you specifically ask us too!


The joy of Mystery Bundles is that you often get things you were not expecting that you may not have otherwise bought, or that you thought you might never find!  We do understand that there may be times when someone is disappointed by their bundle – and you are of course entitled to return the bundle to us, just as you can with any other online order (click here for links to our terms and conditions). Please do be aware that you will not be able to return just one item out of your bundle in exchange for another or for a refund if you don't want it– if you would like to return the bundle you will need to return the WHOLE bundle as it can then be available for another customer. This of course does not apply if an item is faulty.

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