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Haaka Breast Pump and Accessories

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Slingtastic Loves: These are fantastically simple yet effective pumps - they take away so much of the fuss, bother and price that can sometimes come with other bresastpumps, and we love the funky flower stoppers too. All our pumps sold online are the new 150ml capacity.

The famous silicone breast pump has been updated! 

Although working in the same way the new Haaka pump has a few added features to make your life that little bit easier. With an increased volume to 150ml and a suction base for support our new and improved breast pump is the easiest and most simple way to express. 

Made from 100% food grade silicone, this compact pump is perfect for long distance trips, planes, car rides, family BBQ's or anywhere you would like to discretely express silently and quickly. Simply suction to your breast and let the pump do the work for you as it draws your milk using suction. 100% eco-friendly and safe for mum, baby and our environment.

  • Perfect for travelling.
  • Especially soft and comfortable - made from 100% food grade silicone.
  • Fits perfectly into any handbag or baby bag.
  • Dishwasher safe - also can be sterilised and left to sit in boiling water.
  • Easy to use, easy to clean.
  • BPA, PVC and Phthalate free.
  • Compatible with all Haakaa wild neck bottles.
  • No cords, batteries or assembly required. 
  • 100ml capacity. 
  • Suction base ensuring your pump will not fall over meaning no spills!

 Breast Pump Cap

Our Breast Pump Cap will sit perfectly on top of yourHaaka Breast Pump to keep it clean in between uses and prevent your precious breast milk from becoming contaminated.

Whether you have more than one Haakaa breast pump, or you are using our silicone breast pumps to catch your letdown from one breast while feeding baby on the other:

Simply place the cap over the suction cup of the Haakaa pump, and then you can put your pump to one side while you continue feeding, without having to worry about anything getting into the pump and contaminating your breast milk.

NOTE: The Breast Pump Caps are designed to keep your pumps clean in between uses, and protect your milk from contamination - they do NOT provide a tight seal, and can fall off if left to move around in your bag or dropped. If you need to transport or store your milk, please transfer it into a bottle or storage bag.

If you are looking for something that will provide an airtight seal for your Haakaa pumps, use the Flower Stoppers.

Flower Stoppers

  • The perfect little accessory for your silicone breast pump! The silicone stopper!
  • This little stopper sits tight in the neck of your breast pump and will stop any spills or accidents. Made from 100% silicone and will fit in both 100ml  and 150ml size breast pump.
  • Clean after each use. This product can be sterilised with any steam sterilising system or boiling water.

How to use your breast pump:

  1. Sterilise your pump (caps are available online to purchase – caps keep the pump sterile after cleaning)
  2. Place top of pump over your nipple – make sure your nipple is in the neck of the pump and comfortable.
  3. Apply suction – you may need to adjust a couple of times. Once the pump is secure and comfortable you can squeeze the base of the pump (not interfering with the top/suction) to create some movement.
  4. A warm flannel on top of your breast is also a great tip and gently massage the top of your breast.
  5. Once milk begins to flow simply leave the pump alone to do its thing.
  6. Once the pump becomes full empty into a glass storage bottle and reposition.
  7. If the pump is full or you wish to stop pumping – simply suction the suction base to the table next to you while you finish your feed or re dress and the pump is 100% secure.

Also attach in the same way while your child is feeding on your other breast and collect all let down and milk which would other wise be lost into a breast pad.

Waking up in the middle of the night or if engorged during the day also attach your pump for relief.

Clean after each use. This product can be sterilised with any steam sterilising system or boiling water.  No bleach based agents.

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