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Drool Pads


Drool pads protect the straps of your carrier. They are fully removable for washing, and provide a great surface for your baby to chew on if they need it. Drool pads tend to come out in a similar size, so different brands of drool pads can be used on the straps of different carriers. The Beco Drool bib is specific to the Gemini Carrier, and protects the front when you are carrying your baby in s front facing out position.

Beco Pads
The Beco Drooling Pads are a handy-to-have accessory to your already awesome Beco Baby Carrier. Simply attach them to the shoulder straps and let your baby drool away happily! Supplied in a pack of two, the drooling pads are made of 100% organic terry cotton and are very soft. A must have for every Beco Carrier.
100% organic terry cotton, touch tape closure ,fully reversible, machine washable.


Boba Pads
The Boba Organic Teething Pads are made to snap around the shoulder strap of your Boba Baby Carrier. Made from 100% Organic Cotton, reversible and free of potentially-dangerous chemicals and dyes, they’re completely safe for babies who want to chew everything in sight - particularly your carrier.

Beco Gemini Bib
The Beco (Gemini) Bib is a brilliant solution to the lovely drooly messes that teething babies can make on your favorite carrier! Easy to use, easy to clean, this 100% organic terry cotton bib slides easily over your Beco Gemini Headrest.
Gemni BIBS come in a handy pack of 2, so you can always be ready with a soft breathable surface that is safe for your babies teething gums!

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