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Calin Bleu Stretchy Wrap SALE

Calin Bleu

Calin Bleu Stretchy Wrap SALE

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Slingtastic likes: These are really lovely and snuggly and yet we have never felt too hot in one. Very supportive - the microfleece really is special.

This wrap has width-wise stretch and just a touch of lengthwise stretch. Micro fleece is also water repellent for all those unexpected showers. It is machine washable and dries extremely quickly. Because it is so comfortable and easy to wash, it is ideal for babies suffering from reflux. You can just wipe it down throughout the day for an instant quick clean.
Fleece wrap slings are a type of stretchy wrap. Follow our easy step by step instructions to learn to tie your sling. The micro fleece wraps are narrower than other wraps. This makes the hammock carry easier but carrying your baby on your back requires a bit more practice.
Won't I be too hot with a fleece baby sling? No is the simple answer (unless you're in an overheated shopping centre where you would be uncomfortable anyway). The micro fleece chosen for this baby carrier is lighter than any fleece you might have seen before. The whole wraparound baby sling weighs less than 500g (1lb). The ends are tapered so that the sling is wide in the centre where you need it to support your baby and slim around your waist, making a tiny knot. The fleece is also softer than any fleece you've seen before, it feels almost like velour. Fleece is a very breathable fabric and you will be comfortable even indoors.
The micro fleece baby slings are most comfortable from birth to 12kg. Made in the UK. Sent with our colour booklet showing step-by-step instructions to tie your wraparound sling.

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