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Boba 4G

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Slingtastic likes: The adjustable infant insert in the 4G is really effective and easy to use. The fine adjustment on the Boba is great, and we have been won over by the simple addition of a bag strap! Popular in the shop with petite adults, but also comfortable for taller/larger adults.

As the successor to the Boba 3G Carrier, the Boba 4G (4th generation carrier) retains all your favourite features with key enhancements made to the infant support system that allows the user to fit different size infants (from 3.2kg) with even greater ease.
The insert adjusts to two different positions allowing children to grow into the carrier - when snapped, the integrated insert lets newborns (7-10 lbs) sit higher up, while the second position leaves the insert unsnapped so a slightly bigger child (11-15 lbs) rests lower in the carrier but still higher than the base. The Boba 4G Carrier also comes with numerous savvy features including a smartphone pocket, a removable sleeping hood and a breastfeeding buckle.
Compatible to most body types, the Boba 4G fits heights 5’0-6’3, has a waistband range of 25” to 58" and consistent with all Boba products, creates a nurturing and calming environment for both parents and their children.
Made with the help of mountaineering professionals in Boulder, Colorado, USA (thus the name "BO-BA" from BOulder BAby Carrier), the Boba 4G carrier is built so babywearers around the world can continue to enjoy the great outdoors with their growing babies, from birth to pre-school - the perfect carrier for babywearing families!

NEW! Enhanced infant support allows the carrier to be used with newborns as
well as older children without the need for purchasing any add-ons. The new
removable infant system compared to the 3G carrier is even easier to use
and more versatile.
NEW! Lighter single layer cotton detachable/adjustable sleeping hood to help
keep babies and toddlers' head in place when they fall asleep in the Boba 4G
Bag tab on shoulder straps helps to keep bags from slipping off your shoulders.
3 built-in pockets (zip pocket in front of hip belt, zip pocket in front of panel,
open pocket on hip belt) that are great for on the go storage for small items
like cash, mobile phones, pacifiers or keys.
Patent Pending, Detachable Foot Straps attach to the waist belt and
designed to keep older children comofrtable while enabling a healthy seating
positon. The footstraps not only give tired little legs a rest, but support the
legs in a flexed abducted (froglike) position which naturally tilts the pelvis, fills
out the hip sockets and aligns the spine.
Extra wide seat & taller panel provides a wrap around effect that gives extra
comfort and support to infants and toddlers using the Boba Carrier System.
Approximately 14" wide x 15.5" high.
High density foam waist belt for a close fit on the waist or hips, according to
individual preference. This effectively distributes the weight of the baby over
the hips and takes most of the weight off the shoulder straps, which makes
Boba the perfect for both heavy toddlers and newborn babies.
Heavy-duty, military grade buckles prevent unexpected opening and ensures
peace of mind Rugged, durable and easy to clean. Machine washable.
Light-weight and compact design makes it easy to bring on shopping trips and
vacation. EN13209-2 Soft Carriers Certified
Boba 4G Carrier
Adjustable Sleep Hood
Detachable Footstraps
Instruction Booklet
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